Top Overlooked Deductions

Below is a list of the most easily overlooked tax deductions.  For more information, contact us.

  1. Student loan interest
  2. Self-employed health insurance premiums
  3. Alimony paid, but not child support
  4. Medical transportation expenses
  5. Nursing home expenses that are primarily for medical care
  6. Hearing aids, eye glasses, and contact lenses
  7. Hospital fees for services such as nursing, physical therapy, lab tests, and x-rays
  8. Equipment for disabled or handicapped individuals
  9. Part of the life-care fee paid to a retirement home
  10. The cost of alcohol and drug abuse and certain smoking-cessation treatments
  11. Special school costs for mentally or physically handicapped individuals
  12. Fourth quarter estimated state taxes paid by 12/31
  13. Personal property taxes on cars, boats, planes, etc...
  14. Taxes paid to a foreign government
  15. Points paid on mortgage or refinancing
  16. Mileage in performing charitable activities
  17. A handicapped person's work-related expenses
  18. Professional journals, magazines and newspapers that are job-related
  19. Safe deposit box fees used for investments or business
  20. Seeing-eye dogs for handicapped or guard dogs for business
  21. Uniforms, work clothes required for work
  22. Union dues
  23. Home office expenses
  24. Job-search expenses within your present field of employment
  25. Reservist and National Guard overnight travel expenses
  26. Dues
  27. Business gifts - $25 per giftee
  28. Moving expenses
  29. Business expenses not reimbursed by your employer
  30. Cleaning and laundering services while traveling for business
  31. Job tools
  32. Business cell phones
  33. Legal fees to collect taxable alimony or Social Security
  34. Gambling losses to extent of gambling winnings
  35. Special Standard Meal Allowance for Transportation Workers
  36. Energy Savings Deduction (windows, doors, bulbs, equipment, vehicles, etc...)
  37. Educator Expense Deduction
  38. Vehicle Taxes (to the extent of previous year benefit received)

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